My Books

Between Us and Abuela
Picture Book | Macmillan FSG 

Forward Me Back To You
YA | Macmillan FSG 
"In fast-moving prose that is layered with emotion—rage, grief, dismay, hope, vulnerability, love—Perkins’s novel pulses with heart and questions of identity as well as talk of faith, prayer, God, and social justice." ~ Publishers Weekly

You Bring The Distant Near
YA | Macmillan FSG
★ "An unforgettable novel that spans decades and continents as it moves among three generations of Indian women, some new immigrants to the U.S., all struggling to bridge cultures ... Perkins’s vibrantly written exploration of a family in transition is saturated with romance, humor, and meaningful reflections on patriotism, blended cultures, and carving one’s own path. " — Publishers Weekly starred review

★ "Full of sisterhood, diversity, and complex, strong women, this book will speak to readers as they will undoubtedly find a kindred spirit in at least one of the Das women."—Booklist starred review 

And here are the rest of them. Click on the covers to find out more about the books. (Oh, just go ahead and buy them:))

Tiger Boy | Charlesbridge | Grades 3-6
"Set in the lush Sunderbans natural region of Bengal, this quiet, gripping tale emphasizes the deep but often fragile connection that exists between humans and nature ... Young readers will revel in the vivid action and suspense surrounding Neel and his sister Rupa’s quest to locate the tiger cub." — ★ School Library Journal, starred review

Open Mic | Candlewick | Grades 5-9
"[A] noteworthy anthology, which robustly proves Perkins’ assertion that 'funny is powerful.'" — Horn Book

Bamboo People | Charlesbridge | Grades 5-9
"A graceful exploration of the redemptive power of love, family, and friendship." — ★ Publishers Weekly

Secret Keeper | Random House | Grades 7-10
"An intimate and absorbing drama ... a moving portrait of a rebellious teen who relies on ingenuity rather than charm to prove her worth." — Publishers Weekly 

Rickshaw Girl | Charlesbridge | Grades 2-5
"[This] lively, moving book has surprises that continue to the end." — Booklist

First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover | Dutton | Grades 5-8
"Sameera is an intelligent, witty and prepossessed heroine ... teens should enjoy this peek at the behind-the-scenes finessing that goes on in modern politics." — Publishers Weekly

First Daughter: White House Rules | Dutton | Grades 5-8
"Sparrow's actions and thoughtful blog posts paint her as a likable character and great role model." — Kirkus

Monsoon Summer | Random House | Grades 5-8
"A light-hearted yarn, spun with fascinating details and hearty characters." — Seattle Times

Sunita Sen | Little Brown | Grades 5-8
"Perkins combines her fresh, unaffected prose with moving bits of Indian poetry and lore, rendering this well-thought out investigation of cultural identity doubly moving ... A funny, honest, and homespun story." — Publisher's Weekly

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