Poetry Friday: I Have Them, and You, and This

I Have Them, and You, and This

by Mitali Perkins

Lilacs greet us on our morning walk. "Consider," they urge.

We do. We see it. Neon suits the showy poppies. Lupine dance in purple chiffon. Queen Anne's lace is a stately bride.

Songbirds swaying on stalks trill a welcome, too. "Attend," they sing.

We do. We see them. Hummingbird sips crabapple nectar. Eagle swoops to a rabbit. Pelican hoards a smelly catch. Sparrow's last breath is seen.

We are alone, together, with You. As Water shapes stone. As Light dazzles water. As Stone guards the spring.


Doraine Bennett said…
Lovely, Mitali. I feel like I'm on this walk with you.
Tabatha said…
Very nice! Thanks, Mitali.
Linda B said…
So pretty, Miitali. I love each part of your walk, welcoming us to spring.
Mary Lee said…
Love the messages to consider and attend. Goes with my poem about noticing everyday miracles.
I love the image of Queen Anne's lace as a stately bride. We are still waiting for lilacs here--something to look forward to!
Brenda Harsham said…
Beautiful, Mitali. Such lovely use of language.
Margaret Simon said…
Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing your poetic walk with us.
Violet Nesdoly said…
What great company! As I read your poem, I feel like I'm part of a wonderful celebration.