Is it Pathetic When a Twitter Search Jumpstarts Your Writing?

After a huge cross-country move, it's tough to get back into writing mode. Yesterday, on a desperate hunt for inspiration, I searched for "Bamboo People" on twitter just to see if anybody had been reading it. (Come on, fellow writers, confess your google and social media searches -- it's a lonely vocation.) To my delight, I discovered an exchange that was even more lovely because these teens had no idea a certain discouraged writer might overhear it. Thanks to them, I'm suddenly ready to get back into my TIGER BOY revision.


Asakiyume said…
I adored Bamboo People. I discovered it when I was working on my own novel that touches on some of the same issues, and I was so impressed by your characterization and by all your details. I'm so sorry to think that you might be discouraged--and glad you found that Twitter exchange. You're someone I hold onto in my mind as a talisman. In Bamboo People, you wrote exactly the sort of book I want to read (and write), and your whole website here is just more sign of exactly the sort of engagement I really admire. I'm glad you're ready to start your revisions!
GSGreatEscaper said…
Hi Mitali,
Just a meeting in my home with a Girl Scout person and she saw the Betsy Tacy companion and asked if I knew about those books that she loved as a kid. Sent her off with the first four BT plus Bamboo People since you are connected with BT and GS and our Journeys!
Hope you are happy in your new California home - just like Maud!
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks for the encouragement, friends. And yes, I am loving life in California.