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Homecoming: A Visit To The Land of My Birth

I'm still marveling over our 11 days in India—my first visit in 18 years. Some things had changed: mobile phones are ubiquitous and signs of economic growth everywhere, but the heart and hospitality of the place is the same.

My trip included an International Women's Day writing workshop with students in Kolkata at the U.S. Consulate's American Center Library, reunions with a myriad of extended family members and friends, a trip to the Sunderbans, site of my novel TIGER BOY (Charlesbridge 2014), and visits to two homes where young girls rescued from trafficking are given hope for a renewed future. For children's book aficionados, it also featured an unexpected encounter with Almanzo Wilder's uncle. If I had to sum it up, I'd say that two themes of the trip were conversations with girls and research for my novel.

Conversations with Girls

TIGER BOY Research