Which Cover Has The Bollywood Vibe?

(One was released in the US, and one is releasing this month in India.)


Doret said…
I like the one of the left better. Something seems a bit off with the shadowing of the girls face on the right.

The flowers do give it more of a bollywood feel, I would still pick the cover on the left.
Unknown said…
I answered rather inelegantly on Twitter, and I apologize for that.

I guessed wrong that the left cover was for the Indian market, because I thought the marketing strategy was to make the character appear more like the home culture. Instead the strategy seems to be to make the character fit the expectations of the home culture about the other culture. Of course whether those expectations are right or not is a whole different question!

Personally I like the left cover better. I agree that the lighting/shadowing seems less appealing on the right cover.

tanita davis said…
I like the new one too, the flowers are quite jaunty, but the old one is my all-time fave.