In August, thanks to First Book, the Kaufman Center in New York City adapted my novel Monsoon Summer into a musical. Here's the gorgeous cast:

The composer/songwriter, Beth Sorrentino, sent me a demo of herself (listen above) singing "Monsoon Summer," which was sung as the finale by the entire cast in (her words) "a full-out Bollywood number." The Center is going to send me a DVD of the show, and I can't wait to see it and hear the kids singing this and the other beautiful songs Beth created for the musical.


tanita davis said…
Such a beautiful cast.
And what a fun, energetic, catchy song!!

How excited you must be to have a musical made of something of yours!! When we write a book, it ceases to be ours alone - it becomes a "we" project. And something like this makes it an even bigger "we." WOW.
Oh that is too wonderful, Mitali! I remember what a thrill it was when Making Books Sing did a musical version of my Chachaji's Cup. For me as a writer it was a whole lesson in expansion of scenes, perspective, all kinds of lovely insights. Congratulations to you and your lovely book.
This is so awesome! Love the musical Mitali. Congratulations to you!
How amazing. Congrats!!