Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Thank You Note Season

I did my last author visit of the 2010-2011 school year yesterday and am happily reading snail mail thank you notes from students. Here are three I opened this week. The first is from a seventh-grader in Dorchester, MA, and the second two are from fifth-graders in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I visited virtually via Skype.

Sometimes the truth doesn't hurt.

In case you can't read it: "...You were very beautiful when we skyped you. Awesome ... hair."

A script showing the conversation between the class and their teacher:
"Mrs. Leslie is thinking of stopping Bamboo People."



suzi w. said...

That is awesome! I think the first one is my favorite.

Anne Greenwood Brown said...

These notes made my day and they weren't even for me! You must be so happy to get such a positive response.

Astha Agarwal said...

This is almost exactly how I felt when I met you at your Book Launch Party last August (I knew it was going to be awesome)! I love all the notes!! They describe you so perfectly!

Sharon Creech said...

Love these.