Books That Smell Good And My IRA 2011 Schedule

The Indian version of SECRET KEEPER just arrived. The book's design and texture are gorgeous, and it smells like India (confession: I love sniffing new books.)

The copyright page includes a statement we don't see here in the States: "Mitali Perkins asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work." Wonder where that originated?

I'm heading off to Orlando for the International Reading Association Convention, where I'll be presenting at one of the pre-conference Institutes on Sunday (right after Jacqueline Woodson, yikes). On Monday, I'm signing copies of Bamboo People from 11-12 at Charlesbridge, Booth 542, and then signing copies of Secret Keeper from 1-2 at Random House Children's Books, Booth #1413. Hope to see some of you there!


Sarah Rettger said…
So not an expert, but --

Moral rights is a UK thing (and presumably entered Indian law from that direction).

I *think* where moral rights comes into play is in a work-for-hire situation. Like in the US, the writer-for-hire doesn't retain the copyright, but unless they waive them, they *do* maintain moral rights.

Liz Burns and other lawyers are welcome to jump in and correct me, of course.

And congratulations! It's beautiful.
Jarvis said…
Old books make me convulse like none other.