For You: A Good Friday Poem

For You
by Mitali Perkins

for you,
whose Hand made salty water swell
and burst upon the sand, shaping mountains into shells,
here is the hand that slapped you.

how dusty, clumsy, weak
this hand, twisting thorns into a crown for you,
whose Head imagined panther, peacock, pomegranate,
here is the head that screamed with rage
when Pilate brought you forth.

how frail and dull
this skull, these eyes, this mouth of spit for you,
whose Face set like flint to see
my fist
my sneer
the crooked iron sharpness of this heart
for you.

Photo courtesy of Andy Coan
via Creative Commons


This is beautiful. Happy Easter.
That poem is just stunning.
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks to both of you. Peace be with you.
BookMoot said…
Thank you, Mitali.
tanita davis said…
Goodness. Thank you for sharing that.
marcy prager said…
You are special, Mitali, as an author, a poet, and as a person!
Marilyn Hilton said…
It's so beautiful. Thank you.