My Writers for the Red Cross Auction Item

Today's Writers for the Red Cross Auction swag bag is from me. It includes a signed hardcover of Bamboo People, a bamboo bookmark with pewter elephant from Thailand, a signed hardcover of Secret Keeper, and an alabaster candle holder from India. Browse the other items up for bidding—there are some generous donations.

Meanwhile, let's keep praying for Japan. In 1948, Nobel prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck published a children's book about a tsunami in Japan called The Big Wave. In 2005, NPR's Jacki Lyden read an excerpt from that "famous story of a Japanese boy who must face life after escaping the tidal wave destruction of his family and village." Has anybody read it since the recent tragedy? What are your thoughts?


Jennie said…
I haven't read The Big Wave in a few years, but it was one of the books I put on display this weekend. It got scooped up pretty quickly.
Cozy in Texas said…
Interesting book. I haven't heard of the Big Wave.
This sounds wonderful, Mitali! What a great idea.

I've been meaning to "follow" you for quite awhile. I'm good friends with Barbara O'Connor and I think we probably have many other MG writer friends in common. :-)
Gabrielle said…
Wow, as a person who has had recurring dreams of "The Big Wave"
Now what? The metaphor for the ocean as the unknown and then a tsunami as a destructive force that comes from that unknown....and in the destruction forces us to dissolve...

Thanks for your blog = a wealth of information

I am looking forward to reading and listening to your many books...And just wanted to say Hi.

Mitali Perkins said…
Welcome, Kim, and thanks for stopping by the Fire Escape, Gabrielle.
Anonymous said…
I liked both Fire escape and Bamboo people.

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