Looking for Funny YA About Race? Here's One.

No, this is not oxymoronic: I recently enjoyed a humorous contemporary YA novel that adeptly handles race. Latte Rebellion (Flux, January 2011) by Sara Jamila Stevenson is a funny, poignant debut novel narrated by a protagonist you'd love to meet for coffee and conversation in real life. I loved the window this novel gives into growing up "latte" amidst the craziness of racial politics in America. But thanks to witty dialog, vivid characters, and a spot-on depiction of bittersweet endings and beginnings, Latte Rebellion is also a mirror for anyone who remembers or anticipates the roller coaster ride of senior year.


Just put this on my TBR list!
PiLibrarian said…
Synchronicity!! I'm about halfway through this one now, and I'm on the edge of my seat worrying about Asha getting kicked out of school. This is about race, parental pressure, friends going different ways, and more. Good one!
Ooh, thanks for the reminder - I ordered this one, but it hasn't come in yet. Time to start bugging the acquisitions clerk.
aquafortis said…
Thank you so much, Mitali! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And I'm really pleased that the humor comes across. It's a tough balance!