Available: Virtual Mentors for Children's Book Authors

If you're a writer of children's and YA books and a "person of color" (Gosh, how I hate race-related jargon ... nothing seems just right, ever) looking to improve your craft and learn more about the children's publishing industry, you may apply to be mentored for free by established writers through the newly-launched Patchwork Collective. This brilliant effort is spearheaded by my dear friend Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, author of 8th GRADE SUPERZERO, one of my favorite new books.


olugbemisola said…
Thank you! I know, "person of color" really doesn't cut it, does it? So complicated...
This is FABULOUS news. I will share it with eligible pals.

Mitali - we met @ NCTE. I have devoured BAMBOO PEOPLE, your novel I bought there. The boys & their situations feel so real despite being an unknown landscape to me. (The part about being in the ground reminds me of Cool Hand Luke!) You have placed a spotlight on a crucial refugee situation.
I loved the ending.
a favorite character line:
"Your'e a teacher, not a soldier Look at the inky bump on your finger. That's the largest muscle in your whole body."

I look forward to your next projects this year.
warm best
Jan Godown Annino