ALA Midwinter in San Diego: Sunshine and Signings

Spent the morning by the fire in Boston watching the ALA Youth Media Awards announcements (Newbery, etc), but still relishing the sunny respite in San Diego, courtesy of Charlesbridge, who published Bamboo People. I took two long walks along the water:

It was 18 degrees in Boston when I took this in San Diego.
They were enjoying the sunset as much as I was.
San Diego's marina in the evening ...
... and in the morning.
So Cal Caloric Splurge: Swordfish Taco and Waffle Fries

... Presented a speech during USBBY's annual meeting, after the Outstanding International Books of 2011 were announced:
The 2011 list is revealed ...

Photo courtesy of Cindy Pon (SILVER PHOENIX).
... And signed copies of Bamboo People as well as the foreword to Harper Perennial's re-issue of Emily of Deep Valley, along with Melissa Wiley, who was equally flabbergasted to be signing the foreword to Carney's House Party / Winona's Pony Cart.

Ed and Eve Bunting stopped by the Charlesbridge booth. They've been married for 60 years and he still carries her books. 

Librarian Beth Friese and I shared a fangirl moment after the Buntings departed. For goodness' sake — I had to personalize a copy of Bamboo People to EVE BUNTING!
Photo courtesy of Sarah Stevenson, who was there signing copies of her excellent debut YA novel, The Latte Rebellion (Flux).
The triumvirate--Tib (Melissa Wiley), Betsy (HarperPerennial editor Jennifer Hart), and Tacy (me)--after our signing.


JuliaDeVillers said…
Looks like such a great time and....
cindy said…
it was a pleasure to meet you and i really enjoyed your talk, mitali. also can't wait to read Bamboo People!! san diego truly is beautiful.
missmaryliberry said…
Lovely to meet you; I am enjoying my copy of Emily of Deep Valley already and I haven't left San Diego yet. Thank you!

P.S. I think I had the same lunch at Tin Fish. Deliciousness!
Mitali Perkins said…
Julia, I know, right?

Cindy, it meant so much to see your face in the audience. Thanks for coming.

Miss Mary, yes -- the Tin Fish! Yum. So glad you're enjoying EMILY.
Tasha said…
Love the photo of the trees enjoying the sunset with you.
Wow, Eve Bunting! It's odd to think of her as an actual person when she seems like a mythical creature. Sounds like a great time!
carterbham said…
Congratulations on having Bamboo People named a 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults.