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Winter Leads Me To A Virtual Stillness

Brrr ... it's getting chilly out here on the Fire Escape. I'm going in where it's warm. Starting my annual winter hiatus to write, reflect, dream, and pray. Might pop back if something grabs me, and will be somewhat accessible through social media. Stay warm, friends!

Is EMILY OF DEEP VALLEY a Timeless Classic?

Thanks to everybody who participated in our Cuci Mata ("fresh eyes" in Indonesian) read of Emily of Deep Valley by Maud Hart Lovelace. So does this book stand the test of time? I'll let a group of stellar bloggers make their case.

Booking Mama thinks it deserves the label: "Emily of Deep Valley delves into some topics that were pretty much taboo when she wrote this book, namely depression and racism."

She Is Too Fond Of Books agrees: "I found in (Emily) a soul sister of sorts, with her unconventional methods of finding her place in the world ... Although I’m hoping you’ll read all the Betsy-Tacy books, this novel can be read on its own and might make a good introduction if you don’t have time to commit to the entire series (make time!)."

Diary of an Eccentric definitely thinks it's a classic: "The more I get to know Lovelace’s characters, the more I realize that her books are timeless.  It was easy for me to identify with Emily, from h…

Chatting in 140 with Roger Sutton about A FAMILY OF READERS

I devoured and post-it-ed my copy of A FAMILY OF READERS before today's noon chat with co-author Roger Sutton, editor of The Horn Book. Here are a few highlights of our slightly frenetic talk via Twitter. Please remember and excuse the limitation of 140 characters per tweet. I'm in italics, Roger is not, and I've edited for brevity and flow.

Okay, Roger, first tell us about you. How long have you been Editor-in-Chief of The Horn Book?

RS: Almost 15 years.
Why this book now? And why did you choose to target adults who love to read?

RS: Because I don't care about adults who DON'T like to read, frankly ... and you say "now" but Candlewick says it was due a couple of years ago. ;-)
Educators are reaching out to kids who live with adults who DON'T like to read. Suggestions for them?

RS: Get them into the library, which houses plenty of right-thinking grownups.
This guide is a superb endorsement for libraries. Where else can kids--with or without bucks--discove…

Virtual Author Visit: Talking To Students Via Skype

Wondering how a virtual visit works? I traveled via Skype last week to Patton Middle School in PA to answer questions about writing, including this one about outlining novels:

I'm in my Boston study, and the student is in PA. Who could have dreamed of this five years ago?

You're Invited: A Family of Readers Twitter Q & A

"A godsend for adults who want to instill a passion for reading in the next generation has arisen out of Boston’s bookish past." — Boston Globe

"A gem of a guidebook to help parents navigate the world of children's literature ... a wonderfully knowledgeable and highly opinionated guide to books for children ages infant through teen. — Seattle Times

"For grown-ups who want to know more about the books kids read there's a great new resource ... filled with smart and opinionated essays, reviews, and information by smart and opinionated children's book experts on a wide variety of genres, books, and ideas about books." — Huffington Post About which book are these reviewers raving, you ask? None other than FAMILY OF READERS, edited by Roger Sutton and Martha Pavarrano and published by Candlewick.

To find out more about this collection of Horn Book essays (including one of mine), curated thoughtfully and wisely by Roger and Martha, join us on Twitter Mo…