Targeted Facebook Ads For Book Launches

With the release date of my forthcoming novel Bamboo People (Charlesbridge) only one month away, I've been tinkering with a Facebook ad that's showing some nice preliminary results. Here are a few steps in my virtual book launch using a combination of Facebook and Blogger:
  • Set up a site via blogger exclusively for the book and registered a domain name ( At the site, I provide an educator's guide generated by Charlesbridge, links to more about the situation in Burma, reviews, and options to purchase using Indiebound (gateway to independent bookstores) and GetGlue ("an innovative social recommendation network for movies, books, and music.")
  • Installed a free hidden statcounter code to track hits to the site.
  • Set up a page for Bamboo People on Facebook.
  • Currently playing with an ad on Facebook with a $2/day limit, targeting people who live in the UK and the USA who "like" Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma, Burma Campaign UK, Daw Aung Aan Suu Kyi, Myanmar, Refugee, Refugees, or US Campaign for Burma. I set my pay per click (vs. view) at $.65, within the parameters suggested by Facebook, and linked the ad to my website. My click-through rate has been outstanding, and the ad has shown up over 500,000 times in April and May, even with me putting it on pause for days to save money. The week before and after launch, I plan to increase the daily spending limit, add more keywords, and keep an eye on my click-throughs.
    I plan to spend $100-$150 total for this venture, including the registration of the domain name. Anyone else tried a book-related ad on Facebook? What's your experience or advice?


    I did with my first book-- spent $150 on facebook and the click through rate was great like you said. But then comparing it to the monthly sales report my agent sends there wasn't any difference whatsoever in sales.
    Kirsten did a Facebook ad for us for AFTER GANDHI in December; we spent $150, I think. We got 500+ click-throughs to the book's website. But I don't know that it translated into booksales.
    Mary said…
    Thanks for sharing this. I am very interested in your experiment, as I have been thinking about trying something similar. Do keep us in the loop.
    Great post, Mitali!

    My question: why did you create a book-dedicated site rather than just lead visitors to your terrific book-specific page here:
    Mitali Perkins said…
    Several reasons, Cyn. First of all, it's easier for people to remember that URL. Second, I want to video blog my visit back to Thailand this August to shine the light on the refugee camps and blogger is a much easier tool for me to use when I'm overseas. Third, since the issue is so much bigger than the book, I'm hoping to use the site to help shine light on the children of Burma. Make sense?