Quite a bit of Bollywood-esque celebratory jiggling going on in my study this morning, thanks to a starred review from Publishers Weekly for my forthcoming novel, Bamboo People. Here's a excerpt of the review:
"... Perkins seamlessly blends cultural, political, religious, and philosophical context into her story, which is distinguished by humor, astute insights into human nature, and memorable characters ... As Chiko and Tu Reh wrestle with prejudices of culture and class, Perkins delivers a graceful exploration of the redemptive power of love, family, and friendship under untenable circumstances."


Congratulations, Mitali! This is great news. I can't wait to read it.

tanita davis said…
HUGE congratulations!!!! It takes a lot to get the attention of PW, I think, and you DID IT!!!

Three cheers!!!
Becky Levine said…
Hey, I kept seeing hints of this over on Twitter, but finally see what it's about. Congratulations-that is FANTASTIC! You SHOULD be celebrating. :)
Mitali Perkins said…
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Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks so much, everybody. What a thrill!
Shoshana said…
I just stuck this ARC in my bag. Can't wait to read it!