Faces on Covers: Tanita vs. Me at Hunger Mountain

The new issue of Vermont College's journal, Hunger Mountain, features flipside pieces from author Tanita S. Davis and myself.

Tanita's essay, Reflected Faces, is eloquent and extremely convincing.

I'm not so sure about mine, Teens Do Judge A Book By The Cover, but our shared goal was to get people talking and thinking about the issue. Weigh in with your comments and responses — some good ones are there already.

And don't miss these two articles:


MissAttitude said…
I read Tanita's and now I'm off to go read yours Mitali.

Both posts you linked too were excellent. I've rad a lot of posts this week that got me thinking.

I like your new layout!
tanita davis said…
Gorgeous new page, Mitali!

I am VERY much liking the links - boy, there's some food for thought. Here's to more conversation!