ALA 2010 Twitpic Gala Gallery

I invited people attending the American Library Association's Annual Convention in D.C. to stop by Charlesbridge's booth and be photographed with their own or any book they were excited about. These lovelies took me up on it:

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Thanks, everybody! It was fun to meet old and new friends. If you spot yourself, could you leave a comment sharing the book's title and author? Track all my photos from ALA on twitter by searching for hashtag #ala10pic.


Anna Alter said…
Hi Mitali- Sorry to have missed you at the Charlesbridge booth! I tried to make it over but the heat kept me from getting anyplace on time this weekend. Hope it was a fun day.
MotherReader said…
Love it! What a great idea!
Terry Doherty said…
This was a great idea, Mitali. My book was an ARC of Twenty Gold Falcons by Amy Gordon. The cover is a grabber ... and you wonder if it's a boy or girl on the front, and what the significance of 4:30 is.

Glad to have finally met you in person!