You Bring Out The Blank In Me

Sandra Cisneros' poem, You Bring Out The Mexican In Me (listen to the poet read it here), is inspiring other Americans to respond. Here's the poet Bao Phi performing his acclaimed version, "You Bring Out the Vietnamese In Me":

What about you? What does Cisneros' poem bring out in you?

Phi blogs for the Minnesota Star-Tribune, and his recent essay exploring the catch-22 of being a non-white Tolkien-loving geek, Nerds of Color, is worth a read. Here's an excerpt:
... I always chose to ignore the weird feeling I got when I realized that, in my dreams, I was always, literally, a white knight. When I dreamt I was a superhero, I was a white dude with superpowers and the Mary Jane to my Peter Parker was always white. Even though I had a nagging feeling about it, I thought I was justified in my dreams because, hey, none of King Arthur’s knights were Asian and therefore my dreams wouldn’t be real if I dreamt otherwise ...


Sarah Louise said…
oh, i love this. there are so many of us that don't look like minorities that could benefit from this kind of a writing exercise. (As a bipolar woman who grew up as a diplomat's daughter and wasn't a part of the cultures I lived in--not a Honduran when I lived in Honduras, but not "really" American when I moved back to my "home." (I'm a little raw this morning--and rawness begets good art.) Thank you, Mitali, for seeking out good stuff like this.

You rock.