THE WAGER by Mitali Perkins

I wrote an original short story for Scholastic's Expert21 Program, and they commissioned my mother, Madhusree Bose, to create alpana art for the background design of the pages in the story. Having secured permission to share the first two pages with you, I'm proud to introduce THE WAGER, a story about how the Grameen Bank has changed lives in Bangladesh through the power of microcredit.

The Wager by Mitali Perkins


tanita davis said…
How awesome of a kid are you -- you get your MOM work, too!

This is beautiful!! Yay, you!
how cool is THIS?!?!?! There are not enough exclamation points in the world....
Sheela Chari said…
Congratulations to you and your mom! I just finished RICKSHAW GIRL and came by to visit your web site. Your book reminded me of my former life as a econ student and learning about the Grameen bank. (But your book was a much more pleasant experience!)
Congratulations Mitali! I'm sure it must feel awesome to have your mother's work in it too. I look forward to reading it.