Wordle Your Brand

Not sure how to describe your blog's "brand" or "niche"? I do an occasional check on search terms or keywords using free tools like statcounter or google analytics. For fun, you can also create a wordle to get a quick snapshot of your blog's brand. Here's one generated for Books With Flair, for example:

Pretty much sums up what I'm up to over at that blog, right?


Rachel Stark said…
Oh my - Wordle is the most delightful wonky-widget-thing I've seen in a while! I feel all proud of my blog's image.

Thanks for the links! It's nice to look at my Wordle and see that, so far, my blog is pretty much hitting the mark for what I want it to show about me and my thoughts.
We've used Wordle to do a library program with older kids and they loved it...especially when we let them pick the fonts and style.