Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fire Escape Fall Mini-Hiatus

October is a busy author visit month, so I'm on the road for the next couple of weeks and back on the Fire Escape 10/13. I'll be micro-blogging throughout my travels via twitter, so you may track me there if you'd like, but here's my in-real-life schedule:

Come say hello in person if you're able!


nisha said...

have fun!!

Amanda said...

You are coming to my school soon. Does Ottoson Middle School sound familiar? In Arlington, MA?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitali Perkins! I go to Ottoson Middle School in Arlington, MA! I can't wait until you come and show us your books and everything. :)

Shannon said...

hi mitali!!!!! u r coming to my school soon! and you can probobly guess where im from.....ottoson middle school!!! again!!! i hope u r enjoying new england!!!! Its the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see u soon!

Andrea said...

hi mitali perkins!i go to ottoson middle school and cant wait for you to come. see you october 21st! :)

Laura said...

I can't wait until you come to my school! (if you cant guess from the other posts, I go to Ottoson middle School)
See you soon!

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