AMREEKA: Flicks Between Cultures

My favorite part of the preview for Amreeka is when the daughter says, "Here's a shocker, Mom, we live in America! We're Americans!" The mother answers with a phrase most teens between cultures hear, with the last word changing according to the culture of origin: "As long as you live in THIS house, you live in Palestine!"

It's coming to Boston 9/25. Looking forward to seeing this one (thanks, Tricia, for the tip).


Tricia said...

The part that put a lump in my throat, and convinced me I needed to see this movie, was at the very beginning when she's asked about citizenship and responds "We don't have." It nearly broke my heart.

I hope this one gets a good response. Real (human) portrayals of Arabs and Muslims in America are so needed.

Karen Bass said...

That looks great. I hope it comes up this way (even if I have to wait for the DVD). Thanks for linking to the trailer. :-)