Poetry Friday: Border Dance

Enjoy the poem that won second prize this year in my annual poetry contest for teens between cultures.

Untitled by Selorm, Ghana/USA, Age 16

The drums sound,
and her village hands slap like thunder onto the
paved city streets and crumbling suburban sidewalks.
The baked gold dust of the Motherland has speckled the back of her hands,
though her blue jeans and sneakers are stained red, white and blue;
red, gold and green.
Her dance is backbreaking and classic,
though her spirit was born long before 1776.
Her soul resides with the Blackened Ones,
her body in the West.
But she is not torn nor troubled,
split nor shaken.
She dances fearlessly on the border of
two worlds.

Photo courtesy of Lieven SOETE via Creative Commons.

Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Kate Coombs at Book Aunt.


tanita davis said…
Truly beautiful.
Semaphore said…
Great work! (Stands, applauds, and joins in the dance)
naana said…
You are a great artist. It really shows in this poem. I would love to read another poem from you.
MissAttitude said…
This was awesome! I too, look forward to reading other poems by you. I (try) to "dance fearlessly on the border of two worlds."
Mary Lee said…
Doret said…
Beautiful. Loved the beginning the end and everything in between.
This is so evocative! Thanks, Mitali and Selorm.