Mitali of Green Gables

As an oft-displaced child, I borrowed roots from my favorite authors. L.M. Montgomery's novels made Prince Edward Island one of my many homes. Just got back from a recent sojourn to "Avonlea," Montgomery's pseudonym for her beloved Cavendish, and savored a few of her books all over again.

the shoreline

rainbow valley

shining waters

birch trees in the haunted woods

mrs. lynde's house?

L. M. Montgomery

the view from Lucy's room

anne's room in green gables

ice cream at green gables


Susan said…
Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us! It was nice to see all your pictures in one place. I still love the rainbow one the best.
tanita davis said…
Jackie Parker said…
Someday I'll go there. I will, I will, I will.

I've been wanting to since I was, oh, what? 8? Ridiculously young. Before I even fell in love with the books and only had the movies to love.
Kiirsi said…
LOVELY!! Thanks so much for these!
Wendy Lawton said…
Oh, I can't wait. Thanks Mitali for sharing!
Anonymous said…
We returned from PEI 2 wks ago. Most beautiful countryside. Some of your pics look just like ours. The 10- and 12-yr-olds loved dress-up at Avonlea.
jama said…
Ditto to what Tanita said!

Christine M said…
Tanita said it better than I could. I want to go there! How wonderful!
I really want to visit PEI. I loved those books (and the movies!) so much growing up.

Someday I need to do the Betsy-Tacy thing in Mankato as well, especially since I live so close.
Grace Lin said…
oh, you are so inspiring! I am SOOO going to PEI now.
Jen Robinson said…
Glad you had such a good visit! Thanks for sharing the photos. I feel a tiny bit like I was there, too.
I adored the Anne books growing up (and still love them). One of my dreams is to go to PEI someday. Thanks for sharing your photos-now I know I really do have to go there!
holly cupala said…
Lovely! Thank you for the pics! You make a beautiful Anne, Mitali. xo
Shelf Elf said…
Hmmm... wondering how to convince the hubby to go to the Lake of Shining Waters... :)
Mitali Perkins said…
So glad you guys enjoyed the photos! Shelf, mine golfed while I did the touristy Anne stuff solo (doesn't take more than a day), and then we biked around the island together.
Islandsparrow said…
Glad you enjoyed a visit to my home. I read your comment on Melissa's blog re an Island visit and popped over here. Hmmm I hope you had some good weather. July was not great this year but August was incredible - and Sept has been perfect. The water temperature is still warm and I was swimming yesterday.

I'm a retired teacher librarian and ordered your books for our library - I loved them. I also was deeply moved by your testimony that I read online.