Editor For Hire: Polish Your Manuscript Before Submission

It's tough to get published these days. Before submitting to an editor or agent, you might consider spending some money on an expert consultation for your children's or YA book manuscript. Several topnotch professional editors have left the industry to set up their own freelancing businesses:
Laura Atkins Lee and Low / Children's Book Press
Deborah Brodie
Roaring Brook Press / Viking
Sarah Cloots
Kara LaReau Scholastic / Candlewick
Amy Lin Little Brown
Judy O'Malley Charlesbridge / Houghton Mifflin
Stacy L. Whitman Mirrorstone / Wizards of the Coast
Contact editor Alvina Ling for information about Sangeeta Mehta, who used to work for Little Brown. Summer Dawn Laurie, formerly with Tricycle, is also available for editorial input. Email her at sdledits(at)comcast.net.

Cynthia Leitich Smith maintains a full list of critique services including those offered by ex-editors. If you know of other freelancers who used to work as an editors in publishing houses, drop their names and URLs in the comments and I'll add them.


Hey Mitali! Love this blog--one of my favorites.

In case it helps, I offer a hearty list of pro critiquers on my site:

Literaticat said…
Summer Dawn Laurie, formerly at Tricycle! I don't think she has a website but she is wonderful, particularly for PB & MG. I can give her contact info offline, or she's on JacketFlap and facebook.
Jennah said…
How do you get to BE one of those editors? That is my dream job, but I'm not going to move to work for a big pub house first. *sigh*
Tockla said…
Continuing the shameless self-promotion I started on Facebook, I also offer manuscript critiquing services. That said, I can also give a ringing endorsement to Summer who is great. My website is www.lauraatkins.com
Mitali Perkins said…
Laura, of course! Glad to hear you'll consider work from this side of the Atlantic.
I am a former Harlequin editor and published (Penguin/Berkley) young adult novelist. You can find my critique service information at www.bevkatzrosenbaum.com.
Hi all, I am a former children's book editor (Scholastic, Penguin, Chronicle) who offers freelance editorial consultations, you can find my editing services at kidsbookeditor.com.
Sue said…
Good luck to this new group. I think this is a terrific idea and well needed. I wish more authors who self-puplish will use your service.