Books That Make Readers Clash

"SECRET KEEPER had one of the most satisfying endings I've read in a long time," said one reviewer.

Meanwhile, on Goodreads, another reader disagreed: "I didn't really like the ending, but I loved the rest of it."

Of all my books, SECRET KEEPER seems to be evoking the widest range of gut responses.

Is there a particular book you've loved that another reader wanted to fling across the room? Or vice a versa, maybe: you wish you'd never read it because it left you sad, mad, or otherwise disturbed, but other people apparently adored it?


Wendy said…
Oh, so many, starting with Catching Fire to be au courant (I was really unenthusiastic). Goodreads has made me realize that almost always there are two things going on when people hate a book I like: either they've misunderstood the point of the book somehow (The Green Glass Sea, for instance), or it just isn't their thing. I try to keep this in mind now when I dislike books, especially if I'm a lonely voice.
Pooja said…
D said…
To echo Wendy, oh, so many. And that is the beauty of reading. Every book is a unique creation of both the writer and the reader. No two people ever read the same book. And, once a book has been read, the reader is changed so even if she rereads it, it is a different experience.

For the record, I loved Secret Keeper.