YA Novels that Create a Sense of Place

The best authors turn us into armchair travelers, whether in this world or into other ones. John Green took us to Orlando in PAPER TOWNS. Sarah Dessen makes me feel like I know the suburbs of North Carolina. Whichy YA novels have you read recently that took you to another place. Leave your answer in the comments to this post and I'll compile a list.


learningtoread said…
A NORTHERN LIGHT is so strong that every time I think about it, I am transported to 1900s backwoods New York State.

THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH put me somewhere I'd never been -- never WANT to be!

BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE took me back to my elementary school years in the southeast. Sure, it's MG, but it really worked for me.

THE BOOK THIEF. Even after all the films I've seen, Nazi Germany has never come so alive.

Cassie Clare's MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series blended the NYC I know with a well-developed mystical realm. Another place I'm transported to immediately when I think of the author.

TEN CENTS A DANCE wrapped me in 40s Chicago.
Summer said…
Reading FUNNY HOW THINGS CHANGE right now. That book creats a strong sense of place.
Jeanie W said…
NATION by Terry Pratchett really puts the reader on that fictional Pacific island.
Marjolein said…
Monsoon summer comes directly to my mind!
Anonymous said…
After naming the books with strong sense of place, IMO, words in red appeared saying my comment couldn't be posted, and to try again. After all my efforts, I was piqued and won't post all over again. Why does this happen?
Mitali Perkins said…
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