Children of War in the Congo

I'm launching a new series on the Fire Escape about children growing up with war, hoping to showcase books that inform, illuminate, and inspire us to get involved.

We start with the Congo. Listen to Bahati's story in the video, remembering that he's fourteen.

I couldn't find any children's or YA fiction set in the country (apart from the controversial TINTIN IN THE CONGO), perhaps because of the extent of brutality and terror experienced by Congolese children. My recommendation is a recent non-fiction book, ALL THINGS MUST FIGHT TO LIVE (Bloomsbury, May 2009), by Bryan Mealer. PW said, "Mealer’s book is a quiet paean to the courage he has witnessed, and its final salute to 'the many proud people of Congo' is as much eulogy as affirmation."

If you know of any books for kids or teens set in the Congo, please let me know. Otherwise, please write one.


sandhya said…
I love the idea of this series and look forward to reading more. In terms of Congo, the Stanford Graphic Novel Project is creating one on Congo. See here and here
Shaan said…
I'm not sure if The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver counts or not as reading for teens, but it definitely puts forth the suffering the Congolese have gone through very well. I loved reading it.