YA Authors On Twitter

Here's the list (in alphabetical order) of published or about-to-be published authors who write for teens should you want to follow any or all of us. Note to new tweeps: this list is now maintained by Alessandra Lee at Blogging YA.
  1. Susan Adrian @susan_adrian
  2. Jill S. Alexander @jillsalexander
  3. Tara Altebrando @TaraAltebrando
  4. Laurie Halse Anderson @halseanderson
  5. R. J. Anderson @rj_anderson
  6. Joelle Anthony @joellewrites
  7. Andrew Auseon @andrewauseon
  8. Kim Baccellia @ixtumea
  9. Cyn Balog @cynbalog
  10. Jennifer Lynn Barnes @jenlynnbarnes
  11. Lauren Barnholdt @laurenbarnholdt
  12. Clare Bell @rathacat
  13. Robin Benway @robinbenway
  14. Jonathan Bernstein @jbpeevish
  15. Holly Black @hollyblack
  16. Coe Booth @coebooth
  17. Robin Brande @Robin_Brande
  18. Heather Brewer @heatherbrewer
  19. Susan Taylor Brown @susanwrites
  20. Meg Cabot @megcabot
  21. Janet Lee Carey @janetleecarey
  22. Ceil Castellucci @cecilseaskull
  23. Susane Colasanti @susanecolasanti
  24. Deborah Copeland @authorgrl
  25. Paula Chase Hyman @Paulachy
  26. Tera Lynn Childs @teralynnchilds
  27. Cassie Clare @cassieclare
  28. Eoin Colfer @eoincolfer
  29. Deborah Copeland @authorgrl
  30. Holly Cupala @hollycupala
  31. Sarah Dessen @sarahdessen
  32. Cory Doctorow @doctorow
  33. Kathleen Duey @kathleenduey
  34. Anthony Eaton @anthonyeaton
  35. Daniel Ehrenhaft @danielehrenhaft
  36. Beth Fehlbaum @bethfehlbaum
  37. Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
  38. Liz Gallagher @lizgallagherliz
  39. Linda Gerber @gerbsan
  40. K.L. Going @klgoing
  41. Alison Goodman @alisongoodman
  42. Alan Gratz @Alan_Gratz
  43. John Green @realjohngreen
  44. Lorie Ann Grover @lorieanngrover
  45. Megan Kelley Hall @megankelleyhall
  46. Brendan Halpin @bhalpin
  47. Jenny Han @jennyhan
  48. S.A. Harazin @saharazin
  49. Brent Hartinger @brenthartinger
  50. Louise Hawes @louisehawes
  51. Justina Chen Headley @justinaheadley
  52. Simmone Howell @postteen
  53. Mandy Hubbard @mandyhubbard
  54. Mark Jeffrey @markjeffrey
  55. Maureen Johnson @maureenjohnson
  56. Varian Johnson @varianjohnson
  57. Carrie Jones @carriejonesbook
  58. Heidi S. Kling @seaheidi
  59. Jo Knowles @joknowles
  60. William Kostakis @williamkostakis
  61. Marie Lamba @marielamba
  62. Margo Lanagan @margolanagan
  63. Justine Larbalestier @JustineLavaworm
  64. Jessica Leader @JessicaLeader
  65. E. Lockhart @elockhart
  66. Cara Lockwood @CaraLockwood
  67. Greg Logsted @greglogsted
  68. Lauren Baratz Logsted @laurenbaratzl
  69. Rita Lorraine @ritalorraine
  70. Eric Luper @ericluper
  71. Lisa Madigan @lkmadigan
  72. Bennett Madison @bennettmadison
  73. Sandra Malench @SandraMalench
  74. Marianne Mancusi @mariannemancusi
  75. Lisa Mantchev @lisamantchev
  76. Christine Marciniak @ckmarciniak
  77. Melissa Marr @melissa_marr
  78. Georgia McBride-Wohl @Georgia_McBride
  79. Lisa McMann @lisa_mcmann
  80. Neesha Meminger @NeeshaMem
  81. Kate Messner @kmessner
  82. Saundra Mitchell @saundramitchell
  83. Sarah Mlynowski @SarahMlynowski
  84. Tee Morris @TeeMonster
  85. Kirsty Murray @kirstymurray
  86. Alyson Noe @alysonnoe
  87. Sarah Ockler @sarahockler
  88. Olugbemisola Amusashonubi-Perkovich @olugbemisola
  89. Micol Ostow @micolz
  90. Kelly Parra @kparra
  91. Mary Pearson @marypearson
  92. Marlene Perez @MarPerez
  93. Mitali Perkins @mitaliperkins
  94. Diana Peterfreund @dpeterfreund
  95. Karen Rivers @karenrivers
  96. Dana Reinhardt @dsreinhardt
  97. Chris Resttstatt @Rettstatt
  98. Christine Rose @christinerose
  99. Penni Russon @eglantinescake
  100. Carrie Ryan @carrieryan
  101. Sara Ryan @ryansara
  102. Lisa Ann Sandell @lisaannsandell
  103. John Scalzi @scalzi
  104. Yasmin Shiraz @yasminshiraz
  105. Janni Lee Simner @innaj
  106. Linda Joy Singleton @LindaJoySinglet
  107. Jon Skovron @jonnyskov
  108. Rhonda Stapleton @rhondastapleton
  109. Courtney Summers @courtney_s
  110. Sarah Sumpolec @SarahSumpolec
  111. Nikki Tate @WriterGrrrl
  112. Brooke Taylor @brooketaylorboo
  113. Tiffany Trent @tiffanytrent
  114. Gaby Triana @gabytriana
  115. Melissa Walker @melissacwalker
  116. Diana Wallach @dianarwallach
  117. Gabrielle Wang @gabriellewang
  118. Robin Wasserman @robinwasserman
  119. Sara Bennett Wealer @sbennettwealer
  120. Deborah Wiles @deborahwiles
  121. Lili Wilkinson @twitofalili
  122. Sara Zarr @sarazarr
  123. Michelle Zink @michellezink


I'd love to be added:

AKA Linda Joy Singleton (name too long!)
Sheila Ruth said…
This is a great list, Mitali! Thanks for getting this started and for compiling it!
Nikki Tate said…
Great list, Mitali! Lots of tweeps to start following... I'd love to be added when you update again... @WriterGrrrl
Nikki Tate
MarPerez said…
This is a great idea.

I twitter (or is it tweet?) too. Marlene Perez
Sara Ryan said…
Great list!
I'm @ryansara.
susanwrites said…
I straddle the fence, is that okay?

Neesha said…
SO fun! Thanks for putting this list together :).
rathacat said…
Hi Mitali!
Thanks for including me in the list.
scott neumyer said…
Don't forget @andrewauseon, @greglogsted, and @laurenbaratzl too! :)
kmessner said…
I tweet, too! (though I'm more tween than teen)

R.J. Anderson said…
Me too! @rj_anderson
Karen Rivers said…
me too! me too!

kbaccellia said…
Thanks for adding me!
Christine M said…
This is a great list. Can you include me too? @ckmarciniak
Mitali Perkins said…
Looks like we'll have to compile a tween list ... here goes!
MotherReader said…
I love that John Green's is realjohngreen. If anyone would have posers, it's him. Stupid NerdFighters. ;^)
jennyhan said…
you can add me too! thanks!!! i am @jennyhan.
Thanks, Mitali! Awesome list!
R.J. Anderson said…
There's also @saundramitchell!
jillalex said…
I'd love to be added. @jillsalexander
Sara said…
I'm @sbennettwealer

Would love to be added!
Sara said…
Whoops! It's @sbennettwealer - my full name is Sara Bennett Wealer. My debut comes out next year with HarperTeen.

Sorry for not being more clear.
Deborah Wiles said…
This is lovely - thanks for doing it! What about a middle grade/tween list? I could slip in there... although the book coming out next year dips into YA. Hmmm... @deborahwiles -- thanks.
Sarah said…
Great list, Mitali! I'm on Twitter too - @sarahockler or http://twitter.com/sarahockler
Jon Skovron said…
wow, this is an awesome resource! My book doesn't come out until November, but I'd like to be added @jonnyskov
kathleen duey said…
Thanks, Mitali!! for listing me. I am doing an odd thing, basically a novel in tweets...
Awesome post, Mitali! I've gotten tons of new followers already. Thanks for pulling this together. =)
lkmadigan said…
Words are delicious! I'm eating mine now, since I swore I wouldn't join Twitter.


If you still have room, I'd love to be added (pub date June 2010, from S&S.) @JessicaLeader. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Mitali Perkins said…
Hi, Mom!
Rita said…
Hi Mitali,
Please add me if you have room. @ritalorraine or http://twitter.com/ritalorraine.

Thank you!

Rita L.
Me, too! @bethfehlbaum
lillian said…
I loved to be added. I wrote a young adult book, The Anna Mae Mysteries-The Golden Treasure.
Three sneaker-toed sleuths find Jefferson Davis' lost gold treasure with help from a disembodied Black fist and divining rods.

First book in the series. One reviewer wrote: "Move over Nancy Drew-there's a new girl in town, and she's Black!

Thanks, L S Cauldwell
cocoapebbles said…
Thank you for this list! I'm @olugbemisola
Mitali Perkins said…
Lillian, this list is more teen than tween, so I'll be in touch when the tween list gets going. Also, you didn't leave your twitter name.
lili said…
Hi Mitali,

Australian YA authors who twitter:

Penni Russon @eglantinescake
Lili Wilkinson @twitofalili
Kirsty Murray @kirstymurray
Anthony Eaton @anthonyeaton
Alison Goodman @alisongoodman
Simmone Howell @postteen
William Kostakis @williamkostakis
Margo Lanagan @margolanagan
Gabrielle Wang @gabriellewang


Anonymous said…
Eoin Colfer's on Twitter! @eoincolfer
Joelle said…
Can you add me? My YA, RESTORING HARMONY comes out from Putnam in Fall 2010.


Joelle Anthony

Twitter: @joellewrites
Michelle Zink said…
Oh! Me! Me! Me! My book, Prophecy of the Sisters, releases August 1st with Little Brown Books for Young Readers.


Michelle Zink (heh)
jbknowles said…
Thanks for including me, Mitali! Great list! :-)

Thank you for including me! :D
seaheidi said…
Can you please add me?

Heidi R. Kling (on twitter as seaheidi)

Mandy Hubbard said…
Great list! I'm @ MandyHubbard
Susan Adrian said…
Oooh, me too, please! @susan_adrian
I'd love to be added, too! @rhondastapleton -- thanks!

Rhonda Stapleton
Wow! What a poppin'list! I write YA fiction. I'd love to have The Boogie Down Clique novels on the list! =)


~Deborah Copeland
Christine Rose said…
YA author of Rowan of the Wood: @christinerose

Great list! Thanks!
Jonathan Bernstein, author of superhero YA HOTTIE

Lisa Mantchev said…
Moi aussi! @lisamantchev
Carrie Ryan said…
I'm also on twitter: twitter.com/carrieryan

Great list, thanks!
Brooke Taylor said…
I twitter too:


Thanks!! Brooke
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yasmin Shiraz said…
Thanks for doing this list. I'd like to be added. www.twitter.com/yasminshiraz

My book Retaliation was named as an ALA/ YALSA 2009 Top Ten Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers.

Anna said…
Mitali, great job! There are some that are not working, at least for me.
Beth Felbaum http://twitter.com/bethfelbaum
Megan Kelly Hall http://twitter.com/megankellyhall
Christine Marcinak http://twitter.com/cmarciniak
Kelly Parra http://twitter.com/kellyparra
Nikki Tate http://twitter.com/WriterGrrrlTx

And you could also add Cara Lockwood who's just added herself to the twitterverse http://twitter.com/CaraLockwood
Mitali Perkins said…
Okay, thanks to Anna, I had to go back in and make corrections, so I added the rest of you above her comment. Now I must close this list to anything but corrections as twitter is growing exponentially. Enjoy the list!
A.S. King said…
Oh shucks! I had no idea you were compiling this list and missed the cue completely until I saw this link on #followfriday. What a great help you are to these many twittering teen authors, Mitali! Good on ya!

LJC said…
@claudiagray ("Evernight" series)
dawn-metcalf said…

Thanks, Mitali! Missed you at SCBWI!
kaerfel said…
This is a cool idea--I'd love to be added to the list! My ya debut, The Rise of Renegade X, about a supervillain teen who finds out his dad is a do-gooding superhero, is coming out with Egmont USA in spring 2010.

Cheryl said…
What a great list! I love that it exists. Thanks for putting it together, Mitali!

I'd like to be added.

I'm on Twitter:

Denise Jaden said…
I'd love to be added too!

SavvyChick said…
Please add me as well.

Donna Maloy said…
I write YA historical fantasy. Please add me, too! @donnamaloy
Mary Lindsey said…
Please add me as well. I write YA paranormal

Leigh Brescia said…
Add me! @leighbrescia
Jennifer Brown said…
Please add me! @JenniFunny
JuliaDeVillers said…
Awesome list. I'm on now, so feel free to add me when you update! @juliadevillers
traceybaptiste said…
Nice list. Great idea, too.
Please add me in when you update
alessandra-lee said…
I posted an update version of your list here.

I updated to include the Twitter accounts for Kelley Armstrong, Tracey Baptiste, Libba Bray, Leigh Brescia, Jennifer Brown, Rachel Caine, Chelsea Campbell, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Sarah Cross, Claudia Gray, Denise Jaden, A.S. King, Mary Lindsey, Donna Maloy, Richelle Mead, Dawn Metcalf, Cheryl Rainfield & Serena Robar.
Kiki said…
I found you through a linkback by the readergirlz. Thanks for compiling this list!
I'm another twittering author (@kikilon) and I've reposted the list with some additions at my blog (http://kikifu.wordpress.com).
I've also added YA book reviewers that tweet as a category.
Adam Selzer said…
I'm at http://www.twitter.com/adamselzer
sharonanne said…
Your list inspired me to make a list of all the ya blogger who tweet: http://sharonlovesbooksandcats.blogspot.com/2009/05/ya-bloggers-on-twitter.html
Claudia said…
Great idea!

I'm @claudiaosmond
crissachappell said…
Okay. I give up.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kch said…
awesome list! Thanks for compiling and sharing
Lori Calabrese said…
Holy Smokes! What an awesome list! Looks like I'll be busy following!!

Thanks so much Mitali!
All the best,
Anonymous said…
Great list thanks -

@alberat22 should be in the list as well.
We're coming out of the woodwork! How about licensing authors?

Michael Anthony Steele - @AntSteele
Daisy Whitney said…
Hi! Can you add me: Daisy Whitney @daisywhitney
brianna85374 said…
John Barnes, author of Tales of the Madman Underground (2010 Printz Honor) tweets as @karlshoemaker
Hi, Can you add me? Kristina Springer, twitter name-- @TinaSpringer
Wackyscribe said…
@weirdadventurea John M W Smith
Would it be possible to include me, please?
I would love to be added to your list! @NatashaHouse

I currently have two self-published YA books through amazon.com Superhero Princess and the Curse of the Rainbow Fairy and Citizen.