This Ship Has Sailed

No doubt about it -- my novel SECRET KEEPER has definitively been launched. Some of you gathered to party on the west coast, wishing the book (and me) well in Bellevue, Washington or joining the harambee in Palo Alto, California.

And yesterday, seventy or so of you showed up to celebrate at Newtonville Books in Newton, Massachusetts. What fun! The samosas were yummy thanks to Punjabi Dhaba in Cambridge, my son made the chai, we raffled off prizes, the girls all sported bindis, and you made bookseller Mary Cotton (and me) very happy by buying quite a few books. (Photos courtesy of Laya Steinberg.)

I wore the same Ann Taylor pants at all three parties.
They were comfy.

My writer's group showed up en masse. From left to right: J.L.Bell, Steve Smith, Laya Steinberg, Mordena Babich, Karen Day, Kathryn Hulick, and Ammi-Joan Paquette. Yes, I'm the most fortunate girl on the planet. Tell me something I don't know.

Here's Yolanda Leroy of Charlesbridge asking sotto voce how
that revision of Bamboo People is coming along.
Mary Newell DePalma brought the fantastic flowers.


I wish your book a long and happy journey on the waves of success! Sorry I wasn't there to hoist a chai or two, but glad to hear you had such a lovely day.
lurban said…
Congratulations! It sure looks like a swell party and I wish I could have been there. Any chance you're doing events up Vermont way?

Linda Urban
dosnab said…
I just finished reading your book Secret Keeper, this is my first book that I read from your list of the books, quite amazingly the book was very nice, it reminded me of the book french lover by Taslima Nasreen (I thought that book was also very nice with an exception of explicit details on sex, may be Taslima wanted to cater to western reader more.) I really liked your writing craft, the book was really interesting and was quite a page turner. It nicely deals with the relationships, hopes and misery of life. I will definitely look forward for other books. In my view when I pick some of the fresh writers of modern India living outside countery, It has quite a display of nostaligia and sometime I find divided vision between India and rest of the world. Somewhat they are mentally challenged to come out of the view of bigger world. I am hoping for better books to come from your side. Once again thank you very much for the nice book that I just finished reading.

beckylevine said…

I just finished the copy you signed for me in Palo Alto--wonderful story. I love Osh and was seriously impressed at how deftly you handled the choices she has to face. Lovely story!
Vivian said…
I'm so glad your book signing went well! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to make it. Eldest's swim meet lasted for 4 1/2 hours.