Picture Books in Hard Times

As I was writing my essay for PaperTigers about raising compassionate children, Mary E. Cronin asked members of the Child_Lit listerv to recommend picture books depicting families experiencing economic hardship. I thought my fire escape visitors might appreciate seeing her compilation. Interestingly, most of the suggested books focus on life in North America, and shoes seemed to be a common theme:
  • Adler, David. The Babe and I.
  • Bunting, Eve. A Day’s Work.
  • Bunting, Eve. Fly Away Home.
  • Cooper, Melrose. Gettin’ Through Thursday.
  • Fleischman, Sid. Scarebird.
  • Gunning, Monica. A Shelter in Our Car.
  • Hazen, Barbara Shook. Tight Times.
  • Hesse, Karen. Spuds.
  • Hopkinson, Deborah. Saving Strawberry Farm.
  • Jimenez, Francisco. The Christmas Gift = El Regalo de Navidad.
  • Lindsey, Kathleen D. Sweet Potato Pie.
  • Lipp, Frederick. Running Shoes.
  • Miller, William. Rent Party Jazz.
  • Noble, Trinka Hakes. The Orange Shoes.
  • Palacios, Argentina. A Christmas Surprise for Chabelita.
  • Ringgold, Faith. Tar Beach.
  • Rylant, Cynthia. When I Was Young in the Mountains.
  • Rylant, Cynthia. Silver Packages.
  • Smothers, Ethel Footman. The Hard Times Jar.
  • Stewart, Sarah. The Gardener.
  • Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie. Babu’s Song.
  • Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie. Elizabeti’s Doll.
  • Williams, Vera B. A Chair For My Mother.


Justina said…
Fantastic list, Mitali!
Kathy H said…
Great list, Mitali!! I'd forgotten about "A Day's Work" by Eve Bunting. I used to read that to my kids when they were little. I think it was probably one of the most influential books I read to them. The most influential one was probably "Why" by Nikolai Popov.
Anonymous said…
Regarding Running Shoes, please check:
Fred Lipp