The Life Uncommon

"How did you decide to be a writer?" asked Nacie Carson, author of THE LIFE UNCOMMON. Here's my answer.
When I was growing up as an immigrant kid, reading fiction helped me understand myself as well as gain insight into North American mainstream culture. I kept scribbling stories and poems in my journals and reading children’s books, even while studying political science and public policy, and then teaching middle school, high school, and college.

I wrote my first novel, The Sunita Experiment, for fun after finishing my lesson plans and grading papers, and was stunned when Little Brown wanted to publish it. Although I was teaching at Pepperdine University at the time, I didn’t have a PhD. Was it time to get one? I enjoyed equipping my students with economic and political strategies in the battle against poverty and human rights violations, but was that what I really wanted to do with my life?

I took a silent retreat at a monastery in the Santa Monica Mountains to wrestle through this decision ...
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Anonymous said…
Hi Mitali,

Just stopped over from Uncommon Life's Blog to take a look around. You really have a great set up here. I love your writer's contest for teenager's. Do you send it out to schools in the neighborhood or at large?

Mitali Perkins said…
Hi Diane,

The contest is open to any teen currently residing in North America with at least one biological parent born outside of North America.

Thanks for stopping by!