Around The World in 35 Names

Did you know that each of us has a unique voice print? That's clear in Teaching Books' wonderful Author Name Pronunciation Guide, where a host of us use our own voices to share the stories behind our names.

Now Teaching Books has gathered 35 of us to help kids connect authors with countries. You may sample the first four authors and countries below (one voice might sound familiar to those who have met me face-to-face):

Ashley Bryan (Antigua and Barbuda)

Janet Tashjian (Armenia)

Mem Fox (Australia)

Mitali Perkins (Bangladesh)


Norah said…
Very cool podcasts! I look forward to spending some time listening to the others.
holly cupala said…
I love it! What a great idea. Yours is so charming - I can't stop smiling.
TadMack said…
My personal fave for my own is ...Titna. I don't know where that one was going.
Anna said…
Love the idea! I'll play them all to my daughter to show her how different English accents are, and that all are correct.
Thanks for the link!
Stacy Nyikos said…
Very cool. I didn't know that. I'll have to play them for my oldest. She's got a great ear and is bilingual. I wonder if she can "hear out" the differences.
sandhya said…
I love this! Tamale, eh? :)