Small Graces: A Painting A Month

The Year of the Ox (starting January 26th on the Gregorian calendar) is bringing us good fortune.

Renaissance woman Grace Lin (Year of the Dog / Little Brown) is going to be auctioning off a painting a month to benefit The Foundation of Children's Books' program of bringing authors into low-income schools.

The first auction starts on Monday, Jan. 12th. (Proverb: "A smile will gain you ten more years of life." So true.) You may find out how to bid here, and please spread the word.


holly cupala said…
I'm so happy to hear this. It's very hopeful news on many levels.
TadMack said…
How wonderful -- I have a teensy painting of Grace's which hangs in my office/writing space, and it reminds me, as an author, to give.
Elaine M. said…

Thanks for helping to spread the word. And Happy New Year!