My Cover Girl is a Fan

I'd know that face anywhere. I was scanning my page on Facebook when I saw it.

I sent a message right away. "Is it really you?" I asked.

Her answer winged back. "Yes, it's me, 'Sameera!'" she answered, and went on to tell me what she'd done since that photo shoot for Dutton Books.

I'd been merrily using her fake identity on Sparrowblog and in all kinds of promotional purposes for my FIRST DAUGHTER novels, but I hadn't realized how much that beautiful face had melded with Sameera's in my imagination.

When your own character turns up as a fan on Facebook, the line between fiction and real life feels blurry indeed.


Melvin Durai said…
Very cool!

If I become a fan on Facebook, can I be a character in an upcoming book? :-)

Thanks for the kind words on SM. I like your blog and have linked to it from mine. I'm looking forward to introducing my daughters (who are now 4 and 6) to your books in a few years.