Drawing Asian Eyes

Which illustrated children's books portray Asian eyes in an accurate way?

A friend lauds Gene Yang’s AMERICAN BORN CHINESE as an example, saying that “the eyes of the Asian characters, even though drawn with so few lines, show a realistic variation from rather round-eyed to slightly-slanted.” 

Other suggestions? 

Note: SCBWI columnist Anne Sibley O'Brien's new blog, COLORING BETWEEN THE LINES, offers an author/illustrator's perspective on race and culture in children's books. Check it out!


EM said…
I LOVE when my work problems make their way into the blogosphere!
Mitali Perkins said…
Listen, you, this is a GENERAL issue in the industry, and worthy of communal discussion. You might be on the leading edge of figuring this out, but that's often true in the smart publishing house where you work. There, how's that for flattery?
Kathy H said…
How about Sassparilla's New Shoes by Wah & Ming Chen?
Thanks for the mention, Mitali! Now I have to go write about blogging as a newbie for my next SCBWI column.

Derek Kim (www.lowbright.com) is a Korean American comic artist who draws lots of Asian-American characters in a variety of styles.

In picture books, Ed Young's Asian faces are beautiful, as are Jon Muth's.