Poetry Friday: The Storytelling Power of Hair

Hair tells our secrets.

Our thoughts on age, politics, beauty, race, and self can all be communicated by the way we keep our hair.

Check me out with three different dos, for example. If I were to (lie and) say that one of these was my high school yearbook photo, what would you learn about the me I used to be?

For this week's Poetry Friday (roundup here), I give you the last stanza of Karen Craigo's insightful ESCAPED HOUSEWIFE PREFERS THE TERM COSMETOLOGIST:
She came here to verify
what she always suspected:
that straight hair must be curled,
curly hair straightened,
long hair cut, short hair extended.
That what comes to us by fate
is wrong.
Source: Poetry (March 2002)
Read the rest here.


Yat-Yee said…
That last paragraph says it all.
jama said…
Great poem; so true!! Is that your high school pic on the far right?
Mitali Perkins said…
No, Jama dear. None of the above. I graduated with Farah Fawcett feathered hair. As if I could look like Farah.
cuileann said…
I like the voice in that poem - so smart and wry.
TadMack said…
Ooh. That last stanza really does sting: everything you have is wrong. And don't dare try and do anything different, like an asymmetrical cut... WE know what's best.
Anonymous said…
wWat a powerful poem!

But I do disagree about the hair connection. I have always had crappy hair, fine and scanty... and recently, it started to pain too and the scalp is showing.. took all tests, nothing is wrong with me (till this minute)... just one of those things that doctors say that i have to live with :).

However I style it, I end up looking bald, lol. And I don't think my hair has anything to do with my personality or the way I view or interact with the world :)

Anyways, I love your blog... and congrats, by the way, on the award :)