The first review of your forthcoming novel feels almost as dear as a first kiss -- if it's sweet, that is.

Book Embargo, a blogger who works at an indie, had this to say about SECRET KEEPER (Delacorte, January 2009):
...It was a beautiful book. (Haven’t I said that already?) But it really was. The family dynamics, with the father gone to America, the mother and two sisters left to live with relatives. The money problems, the Indian culture, it was all so beautifully written and described. However, it was not a romance novel where everyone lives happily every after in their perfect world. It was a novel of family honor and respect, doing what is right even though it may kill you inside. It was beautiful and worth it, but have tissues ready at the end!
I have no idea how she got a copy of the book as I haven't even seen the galleys yet, but there's much about this industry that befuddles me. Chalk it up to wonder and mystery -- just like that first smooch.


What a lovely review, Mitali! Congrats! I can't wait to read it. :~)
campbele said…
I didn't know you have another book coming out! I LOVE this cover!! GOOD LUCK!!
Sunila said…
That is a great review! How wonderful for you. And, as the poster above commented, I too love the cover design. The colors and the way in which the girl's face is framed with the graphics is really lovely.