Are You Branding Your Blog?

Why do people come to your blog? How does it stand out from the crowd? A periodic check of the keywords revealed in your site statistics can help you define your brand or niche.

To get to Mitali's Fire Escape, for example, people typed the following phrases into a search engine of choice, and then decided to click on one of my posts that turned up in the results:
  • economics books for high school children
  • multicultural books for young children
  • the asian pacific american literary award
  • multicultural children's book festival
  • social justice, picture books
  • ethnic authors children's books
  • should ethnic awards for books be given?
  • mitali perkins
  • global poverty and picture books
  • kahani magazine
  • picture book social justice
  • politics and teens
  • children's books world cultures
  • funny short stories about latinos
  • election politics for teens
  • multicultural books for young readers
  • race color description
  • realistic fiction books global
As I take stock of this list, I gain insight into my unique place in the cyberworld of books. The next question is whether this brand lines up with my vision for my blog. My answer is a definite yes. What's yours? If it's a no or a maybe, you might want to make some changes when it comes to posted content.


sandhya said…
You raise some good points here, Mitali. Thanks for an enlightening and practical post. I thought you might like this site - which creates gorgeous word clouds based on any text you provide or the text that appears on any given URL. For example, here is mine, generated based on current front page blog posts.
MotherReader said…
Another excellent thought and example of why I've recognized you for an I *Heart* Your Blog Award. Well deserved too. Come by and see.
Sarah Rettger said…
I must be disappointing a lot of people who are searching for information about Archimedes. I'll have to track down a book on him for an upcoming Nonfiction Monday, just to give them one decent hit.