Meghan McCain's Picture Book

Meghan McCain, First Daughter in Hoping, is trying to emulate incumbent First Daughter Jenna Bush by publishing a children's book of her own. A prolific blogger and Columbia-trained journalist, 23-year-old Meghan has written an illustrated biography of her father. Simon & Schuster will release the book in September, illustrated by Dan Andreasen (artist for American Girl's FELICITY and SAMANTHA along with many other children's books), and the idea originated in the fertile mind of editor Mark McVeigh.

Why is this bit of news on the Fire Escape, you might ask? Only because my fictional character Sparrow has been tracking Meghan along with the other First Kid wannabes, and sparrowblog is averaging about 400 unique visitors a day thanks to google power -- do a search on Sasha and Malia Obama for example. Now if only 10% of those people would buy First Daughter books ...