The Stephenie Meyer Controversy

Has anybody been tracking the discussion over at YALSA-BK listserv, where librarians and authors alike are weighing in on this negative review of Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT, and the argument that Meyer's faith (Mormonism) influenced the creation of her "submissive" female protagonist?

I've not read the books yet, but the proposition that an author's religious worldview MUST somehow shape his or her fiction is provocative. Are we talking about the faith practiced in our family of origin during our formative years? Or the convictions that define us now?


Pooja said…
Mitali, I haven't been tracking the discussion at YALSA-BK and I am no fan of the TWILIGHT series. (I have read all three books and I totally agree with the review that you have posted--I will not recommend any of these books to the young women I know.)

I also agree with your statement "that an author's religious worldview MUST somehow shape his or her fiction is provocative." However, don't you agree that an author's religious worldview MAY somehow shape his or her fiction and this is worth a critical--but non-offensive--discussion?
Heidi Quist said…
I haven't followed the YALSA listserv--hadn't heard of it, but I'm very curious now.
I happen to be LDS (Mormon) and have only read Twilight, the first one, and I have to say I didn't think she was following her religious views in it, which made me disappointed with the novel in fact. I don't believe an author can nor should they escape their worldview in their writing. It is not possible to write a book with no opinions about anything and if your promoting someone else's worldview, then frankly your a hypocrite.
It's a tragedy that people should have to think an author needs to cave in to another worldview in order for their work to be considered good literature.
Anonymous said…
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Jessica said…
We shouldn't ban books per se, but ignorance. I love the Twilight series, and that is an understatement. Everything is completely unoriginal in this world, in this universe, because we take a little or a lot from whatever we want. Interesting...Heidi is right. We're hypocrites, and in this case it is evident that those who are trying to convey "open-mindedness" are the ones who cannot accept what they perceive as narrow-minded. Before you get all mad, think about it.