My First Daughter Fairy Tale

A couple of reviewers have applied the phrase "fairy tale" to my First Daughter books. Homeschool teacher and former librarian Sherry Early laments that the real world can't be like Sameera's, nonetheless giving First Daughter: White House Rules a lovely review and ending with a question one hopes many story consumers will ask:
It’s well-written teenage romance and adventure with a subtle, understated message of anti-racism, acceptance and respect for other cultures. What’s not to like?


Cloudscome said…
I liked it a lot and reviewed it today.
Emily said…
I Love the 1st First Daughter book im in the middle and the suspence is AMAZING!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I read Monsoon Summer and loved it! But this book was a little strange to me. It was eerily like another book I've read by a very popular teen author, except First Daughter seemed to skim over a lot more details about the campaign. Overall, though the themes were good.