A New Writing Season

This week Delacorte editor Fran├žoise Bui told me that a copy editor's working on Secret Keeper (Random House, Spring 2009), the flap copy and author bio are good to go, and she's sending me cover art soon.

I've got one more revision of The Bamboo People due to Charlesbridge, but that feels more than manageable.

And agent Laura Rennert called to chat about future projects.

After almost three years of writing under contract, I'm free! Picture me on the Austrian Alps -- wait scratch that, the Himalayan foothills -- singing and whirling with arms akimbo.

My goal for the next three years? Hone the craft, sweetheart, and no signing on a dotted line before that first draft is finished.


gail said…
Wow, a bookie future with publication dates and revisions nearly finished and someone interested in more. That's security. It's like knowing your car is full of gas and your laundry is done.
Mitali Perkins said…
It does feel a bit like that, but I don't forget the running on empty and the dirty laundry of ELEVEN years of rejection between books one and two.
Anonymous said…
my dog hasn't seen all of this movie yet
JE said…
so you have finally finished her obligations under contract and are free to work on future projects and learned a lesson about signing before a first draft is complete. that's cool
Mitali Perkins said…

Some authors need to sign before writing to put food on the table, and since any one of us might be in that position someday, I'm never saying "never again."

For now, I can breathe easy. But if an editor did approach me with an amazing idea, I might sign again. So I'm not sure if I learned that lesson after all!