May The Force Be With Your Book

Here are some nice mentions and reviews of First Daughter: White House Rules. Thank goodness for library and web love when it comes to books that don't get too much attention at big chain stores.

I have to confess that it's a guaranteed downer to visit one of those name-brand bookstores. Inevitably, even though I know I shouldn't, I wander over to the teen lit section and discover the place on the shelf where my First Daughter books coulda-shoulda have been, especially in an election year.

My hope, like that of many other authors, is in jedi indies with their handselling power, and in the force, a.k.a. net buzz, which might actually decide to be with us.


Sarah Rettger said…
"Jedi indies" - I love it!
gail said…
I've become very hardened about the chainstores not carrying my books. I think what has helped me is realizing that they actually carry very few children's/YA authors' books.
Radhika said…
although i normally don't read "YA" books, i read "monsoon summer" in the eighth grade and i loved it! it was the very first book about a south asian-american female character i had ever read, and i hope you keep writing and doing what you do.

thank you so much! :)
Mitali Perkins said…
Radhika, thanks for your encouragement; it means the world to me.

Sarah, with Borders on the verge of being swallowed by someone else -- maybe even B and N -- indies might see A New Hope. Yes, I'm a Star Wars geekette.

Gail, the big stores I've visited stock lots of kids and YA books. They seem to have more floor and shelf space than indies. I wish somebody would demystify what happens between publishers and booksellers, like how much clout publishers have vs. the bookstore buyers when it comes to choosing the titles that are displayed face-out, or even purchased at all.
gail said…
Yes, they carry lots. But there's supposed to be more than 7,000 kids' books published every year. Between each year's new books and the backlist, it just isn't going to be possible for even the big stores to carry a large portion of the titles available for purchase. Sure, I'd like to be within that percentage that makes it onto the shelves, but I'm in good company in not being there.
Sarah Rettger said…
Absolutely nothing wrong with admitting your geekdom, Mitali. One of these days I may update my LibraryThing to include all the Young Jedi Knights books I borrowed from my brothers' shelves back in the day.

As for the chains... I'll be watching as this develops :-)
Mitali Perkins said…

I don't mind so much about my other books, but two novels about a First Daughter wannabe in an election year? Don't you think they'd get that tweens and teens might be interested in the subject?

Hope you're well!