In The News And On The Web

The Boston Globe and the Providence Journal gave their readers the scoop on sparrowblog and my First Daughter Books, as did the Stanford Magazine and India New England.

On the web, bloggers Teen Book Review and Jessica Burkhart hosted me for interviews, and Harmony and Bookworm both loved First Daughter.

Paper Tigers' blog celebrated International Mother Language Day by featuring my novel Rickshaw Girl, saying it "would make a great readaloud, especially for a mother and daughter to share."

Librarian-blogger Cloudscome agreed, "highly recommend(ing) it for middle grade (8-10 year old) readers, as a read aloud, or a kid's book club book."


Little Willow said…
Anonymous said…
Hi Ms.Perkins.
You came 2 my school 2day and yesterday, and i am really amazed by how you became an author. Did you always want 2 write or did you just begin when you wrote Sunita Sen?
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks, LW, for your constant encouragement.

It was fun to visit Pike school, anonymous. I always wrote in my diaries and journals but I never thought about being published until I wrote Sunita Sen. Please stop by again!
Anonymous said…
Ms. perkins,
then what did you want to be if you didn't think of being an authour?
Cloudscome said…
Wow I had good timing to have read and reviewed your wonderful book in such great company! It was a real pleasure.