I Have Eerie Powers

I am freaking myself out. Not to mention the librarians at Cincinnati Public Library.

In 2006, when I wrote First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover, nobody was running for president and the election seemed far in the future.

Thanks to my between cultures fixation, I decided it would be fun to put a Muslim-background person in the White House, so I created a main character who was adopted from Pakistan.

Given my techno-geekiness and love of blogging, I made my first daughter wannabe a popular blogger who has an impact on the campaign.

Dutton told me to pick a party, so I thought, what the heck, I'll make her Dad a Republican and wrote her mom as a tall blonde.

Flash forward two years.

John McCain, married to tall blonde Cindy McCain, clinches the Republican race.

His daughter Bridget was adopted from a Muslim country (I had NO idea when I wrote the books, I promise!)

His daughter Meghan is blogging the campaign to much acclaim.

Did I cause these events to happen in that mystical, powerful place called fiction? Maybe, my loves, so beware. If I get in a bad mood I might write a novel about an evil blogger who writes html code with the power to poison people who read her posts. MWAHAHA!!!!!


MotherReader said…
Okay, well if you did have that impact maybe you could start writing a book about a bi-racial presidential candidate who wins the party's nomination and becomes President of the United States of America. And could you write it, like, soon?
Anonymous said…
No, it takes a while to write books so maybe she might sometime.
yoggya said…
u can predict the future?