Super Tuesday For Teens and Tweens

John Sellers of PW's Childrens Bookshelf recently compiled a list of books for kids of all ages related to the election in Children's Publishers Stuff The Ballot Box. I culled the list for tween and teen appropriate fiction (you'll notice a couple of familiar titles on the list if you're a Fire Escape regular):
  • First Boy by Gary Schmidt (Square Fish, ages 12-up).
I'm not quite sure how the powers that be figure out the age appropriateness of novels (my two books differ, for example, and I have no idea why).  Any additions to the list?


belledi said…
I cannot wait to get home the the US and pick up your books. Your blog provides such as wealth of information that just cannot be found elsewhere. I hope you don't mind that I have provided a link to you on my blog?

Little Willow said…
Nice list! Wide Awake by David Levithan should be added. :)