Super First Daughter Book Launch Party: The Abridged Version

If you didn't make it to my book launch party on 2/3/08 at Wellesley Booksmith, here's a 3-minute snippet (to explain my wardrobe, it was Super Bowl Sunday and the Pats hadn't yet crashed and burned):

Attendees included authors Karen Day (Tall Tales, No Cream Puffs) and Anne Broyles (Priscilla and the Hollyhocks), bloggers J. L. Bell, HipWriterMama, and Sarah Rettger of ABA Omnibus fame, Monika Jain, editor of Kahani Magazine, Gail Hedges of the Foundation of Children's Books, a reporter from New Moon Magazine's exciting new online zine aimed at teens, orb28 (scheduled to launch in March), and other friends and faithful family members.

The hospitality at Wellesley Booksmith is unmatched, and I highly recommend it as a venue for any author's book party, along with my other favorite local indie, Newtonville Books.


orb28 said…
It looks like the book release party was a hit! Thanks so much for posting the video -- it was the next best thing to being there. :)
- Lacey
Managing Editor, orb28
Anonymous said…
Wow I might just go and read your book