28 Days On The Brown Bookshelf

The Fire Escape gets frequent queries from educators wondering where to find non-white authors and illustrators in the children's book world. "Is there an updated list of African-American authors and illustrators anywhere on the web?" they ask, and I can hear the frustration in their cyber voices. Well, my good librarians, teachers, and parents, whinge no more.

In celebration of Black History Month 2008, the Brown Bookshelf has gone way beyond a list. They're presenting us with the gift of 28 days later, featuring a different author and illustrator every day in February. Here's the schedule of luminaries and award-winners discussing their work (I've linked to the interviews that took place before today):

Feb 1 — Christopher Paul Curtis - Elijah of Buxton

Feb 2 — Michelle Meadows – The Way The Storm Stops

Feb 3 — Dana Davidson - Played

Feb 4 — Rita Williams-Garcia – No Laughter Here

Feb 5 — G. Neri – Chess Rumble & Sean Qualls - Phillis’s Big Test

Feb 6 — Janice N. Harrington – The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County

Feb 7 — Eleanora E. Tate – Celeste’s Harlem Renaissance

Feb 8 — Patricia McKissack – The All-I’ll-Ever-Want Christmas Doll

Feb 9 — M. Sindy Felin – Touching Snow

Feb 10 — Jabari Asim – Daddy Goes To Work

Feb 11 — Mildred D. Taylor – The Road To Memphis

Feb 12 — Nina Crews - The Neighborhood Mother Goose & Leonard Jenkins – Sweet Land of Liberty

Feb 13 — Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu – The Shadow Speaker

Feb 14 — Allison Whittenberg – Sweet Thang

Feb 15 — Walter Dean Myers - Game

Feb 16 — Tonya Bolden – George Washington Carver

Feb 17 — Troy Cle – The Marvelous Effect

Feb 18 — Eloise Greenfield – The Friendly Four

Feb 19 — Sundee T. Frazier – Brendan Buckley’s Universe and Everything In It & John Holyfield - Bessie Smith & the Night Riders

Feb 20 — Carole Boston Weatherford – I, Matthew Henson: Polar Explorer

Feb 21 — Karen English - Nikki & Deja

Feb 22 — Coe Booth - Tyrell

Feb 23 — Irene Smalls – My Pop Pop and Me

Feb 24 — Stephanie Perry Moore – Prayed Up: Perry Skky Jr. #4

Feb 25 — Kyra E. Hicks, Martha Ann’s Quilt for Queen Victoria

Feb 26 — Celise Downs – Dance Jam Productions & Shane Evans- When Harriet Met Sojourner

Feb 27 — Valerie Wilson Wesley – Willimena Rules!: 23 Ways to mess up Valentine’s Day

Feb 28 — Sherri L. Smith - Sparrow


Paula said…
Mitali, thanks for the BBS shout out. Just ran across this list yesterday, which may also be helpful. It's Booklist's Top 10 Black History Month Youth books.

Found here
Mitali Perkins said…
Thanks, Paula. No surprise that it's from Hazel Rochman, a champion of non-white voices in the industry.
Cloudscome said…
I'm really enjoying the Brown Bookshelf features. I'm kind of surprised not too many people are commenting. They are really great.